Tour de France: Stage 3 Binche To Epernay
Le Lustre, Belgium
2 years ago
What an epic day! Stage 3 -Allez les femmes! We started in Belgium and finished in France. It took us through the most beautiful countryside including the champagne region which is truly spectacular especially on a bike. The morning started off with Sarah Anne getting a puncture within the first few kms. We also had 11 year old Ruby Isaac join us for 30km. What a little legend she is! Check her out on Insta. Her top speed today was 39km/hr! Admittedly that was a descent but her wee legs were spinning like mad- so cool to see! JA’s friend Pete also joined us for the stage and it was great to have him along. The rain decided to pay us a visit this morning and we got drenched. Luckily our first stop was an organised one where some lovely people had put on an awesome spread of local cheeses, bread and fruit. They also warmed up some apple juice for us as we were so cold. The terrain for the first 180km was awesome and we did some great team pace lining while singing songs to all the people cheering us on. SO MUCH FUN! The villages look so good! Wish we could just take pics of everything- it’s incredible how much effort has been put in to the decorations for the Tour and it’s very obvious how much cycling is loved here. Then the climbs hit! By this stage there were probably about 50 people in the peloton so dodging wheels was the name of the game. The climbs were steep and the descents were wicked! It felt like we really were on the tour! So, so good! Can’t wait for our 213km recovery ride tomorrow. Ps we haven’t had a single coffee yet!!!
Tour de France: Stage 3 Binche To Epernay

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