Tour de France: Stage 6 Mulhouse to La Planche des Belles Filles
Richwiller, France
2 years ago
Stage 6: La Super Planche des Belles Filles Les choses sérieuse commence! Ok there are a few choice words that could be used to describe today’s stage, most of them our mums wouldn’t approve of, so we’ll refrain. Let’s just say the media is right to hype it up... it’s brutal! It started off pretty well, riding through some beautiful countryside and villages but that didn’t last long. In 160km there was almost 4000m of climbing which is the equivalent of 3 Peaks in Victoria with some absolutely savage climbs. They started off fairly tame and got progressively worse the longer we rode! The first descent had a few cobbled sections thrown in for laughs. They’re always nice when you’re motoring along at 60km/hr...a bit like taking your bike on one of those vibrating machines for cellulite at the gym! At 137.5km we hit WTF hill which reached a delightful 18%! If you weigh 50kgs and like climbing in 33 degree heat then this is the stage for you! Thankfully a beautiful descent followed it.h One thing we have noticed all week is how clean everywhere is. It’s so nice to ride for hundreds of kms and not see litter strewn across the countryside. Just to make sure we were completely broken, the final climb was basically riding up a ski run with the final section involving a 22% climb on gravel for 1km ! Amazing or bloody awful- you choose! So there you have it, tune in to watch the pros make this look easy tomorrow - it certainly isn’t! For now, we’re off in the vans to rest up and get ready for a crackin’ 230km tomorrow. #equality # thesegirlscan #internationelles
Tour de France: Stage 6 Mulhouse to La Planche des Belles Filles

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