Tour de France: Stage 9 Saint-Etienne to Brioude
Saint-Genest-Lerpt, France
2 years ago
Stage 9: Saint-Étienne > Brioude. 170.5km 9 days, 1587.1km of riding, over 22,000m of climbing Lord only knows how many hills. One more 217.5km ride until we get a rest day and we can safely say we can’t wait! Today was massive. Sleeping was tough last night as the dorm room we were sleeping in felt like a sauna so a few of us struggled to get much sleep and then we started the day with a mechanical on one of the bikes before we even left the car park! Once we got going the scenery was beautiful with random castles on the hilltops along the Loire. Everyone was feeling a little anxious as we knew we had a “wall” to climb at 36km so the countdown was on. It did not disappoint...seriously who finds these hills anyway? It felt like it would never end! A 3.5km brute with an average of 11% but with much steeper pinches thrown in to make sure everyone really suffered! Nice! From there of course it wasn’t flat. I don’t think the organisers know what flat is but the scenery was incredible so I guess that makes it ok. Living in Australia, it’s so nice to see all the historic, old villages as we whizz through them dreaming of what the coffee must taste like. And the roads in general are just beautiful to ride on with barely a pothole to be seen. As the temperatures rose, the fatigue set in and one of our riders began falling back. We slowed up and tried to keep together but in the end the difficult decision was made that some extra rest in the van would be better so she could join us again tomorrow. The team continued on and found some epic descents along the way. We’re definitely going to miss these when we get back to Sydney! With about 15km to go we heard a police siren and low and behold we got pulled over. Apparently we shouldn’t have been on that road....whoops! Tomorrow we’re in for 217.5km of hilly goodness which means about 3-4000m of climbing but hopefully nothing over 10%. Fingers crossed!
Tour de France: Stage 9 Saint-Etienne to Brioude

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