Tour de France: Stage 7 Belfort to Chalon-sur-Saōne
Brevilliers, France
2 years ago
Stage 7: Belfort to Chalon sur Saōne Balade! After yesterday’s fun and games in the mountains, today was always going to be a bit of a recovery ride for the InternationElles although admittedly if someone asked us to do a recovery ride in Sydney, we’d expect it to be about 30km and have at least one decent coffee along the way. Unfortunately that wasn’t the case today. Stage 7 involved lots of beautiful sweeping roads through the hills from Belfort to Chalon sur Saōne with some wonderful, long descents which felt like they could go on forever. There was nothing particularly difficult about it other than sheer length however the speed at which the peloton travelled felt frustratingly slow for at least the first 120km. Needless to say a couple of us were doing anything we could to pick up the pace a little. 40km in we stopped in a village where Frances Mourey, a famous French cyclist, is from and the locals, including his brother put on a great morning tea for us all. A couple of sneaky break aways before lunch helped to add at least a little bit of excitement to the stage but we played nicely and waited up the road for everyone. After lunch, the road flattened out a little more and the speed of the peloton thankfully picked up a bit so we got back at a decent time. For the pros tomorrow it’ll be a fast race with no real climbs to break the peloton up. There’s lots of fresh, smooth tarmac which will make it a fun race and one that we’d love to do on closed roads too. Tomorrow it’s back to climbing for us with a nice 200km spin! With 7 days and 1220km of riding done, we’re certainly starting to feel it.
Tour de France: Stage 7 Belfort to Chalon-sur-Saōne

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