Tour De France: Stage 10 Saint-Flour to Albi
Saint-Georges, France
2 years ago
Stage 10: Saint-Flour to Albi 221km of riding 3230m of climbing Courage les filles! According to the official course description for Stage 10 of the 2019 Tour de France it’s “flat.” Now I’m not sure about you but just over 3200 metres of climbing is not what most people call a flat ride 🤣! Regardless, Stage 10 was the best yet! Seriously epic course! Basically the theme was “what goes up must come down” so for every climb there was an amazing descent and for every descent, there was an awesome climb! All of it through the most glorious terrain with castles dotted around the hills and on roads with no potholes. The second half was flatter than the first part which allowed us to put the hammer down from time to time and do a bit of speed work! Seriously couldn’t have asked for a better ride! The climbs were long but not brutal. Most of them were category 3 or 4 so you could actually have a conversation while going up them though I’m not sure the pros do much of that! Those are the types of climbs we love. The temp was about 35 degrees so at times a bit toastie but for those of us coming from Australia, it was perfect and we’re pleased to let you know that despite the factor 50 suncream, the cycling tans are coming along fabulously. Today we were joined by some US film crew who are putting together some sort of short documentary on the Donnons des Elles au Velo journey and will be with us for the next few days. We’ve now completed 10 of the 21 stages of the Tour de France and distance wise we’re half way there.
Tour De France: Stage 10 Saint-Flour to Albi

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