Mission Canyon, United States
2 years ago
Tom Truax (aka Sundowner / SD) PG flight on Saturday, 3/28/2020 from the Skyport launch in Santa Barbara (at 10:29 PDT) to top land at the Bypass (at 10:33 PDT) to make a gear adjustment, then Relaunch (at 10:48) PDT and fly east to Puckers (east end of Upper Ojai) turn (at 1:04 PDT) and fly west to Spine 1 then turn (at 1:42 PDT) and fly south past Red Mountain before falling / flushing to the east to land in Canada Larga Valley (Ventura) at 2:55 PDT. Longest leg 33.3 miles (straight line over flown distance). Or distance around 2 turnpoints 54.2 miles, or total overflown distance around 4 turnpoints 57.8 miles.

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