Mission Canyon, United States
2 years ago
Tom Truax (aka Sundowner / SD) PG flight on Thursday, 10/1/2020 from the Skyport takeoff (launch at 12:24 PDT) Westbound 6.8 to the Painted Cave Windmill then Eastbound 20.1 to West Divide then OTB Northbound 7.6 miles along the Watershed Divide to a max altitude of 12,493 Ft and back 12.9 miles to the East Spine of Montecito Peak then flush 3.7 miles back across the wind to land on the grass at Lookout Point Park in Summerland at 4 PM / 51.1 miles SLOFD around 4 turnpoints / 3 hours 36 minutes airtime. / See more info on paraglide.net at http://paraglide.net/log

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