Wheeler Springs, United States
7 months ago
Cedar Wright PG flight on Wednesday, 11/24/2021 from Pine SS launch at 12:11 PST eastbound to Rayes Peak then South to White Ledge Ridge then westbound past the VOR spine then eastbound back to landing at Burnham Wood at 3:19:11 PST / Leg 1 to VOR 29.7 miles / Leg 2 to Burnham Wood 10.2 miles / total distance around 1 turn point 39.9 miles SLOFD / Note: Cedar’s altitude data has a 955 Ft over 1 second step issue at 21:52:01 / See more info about some of Cedar’s flights indexed on Paraglide.net at http://paraglide.net/amigo/cedar_wright and XContest at https://www.xcontest.org/world/en/pilots/detail:cedarwright

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