Ojala, United States
a month ago
Johannes Schweiger PG flight on Sunday, 4/24/2022 the Nuthouse Launch in Ojai at 12:09 PDT westbound 12.3 miles to Power Line Ridge (above Carpinteria) then eastbound 23.4 miles to the Topa Bluffs then westbound 4.9 miles to Chiefs Peak then eastbound 12.4 miles to San Cayetano then SW bound 15.0 miles to landing at a school yard in Saticoy at 5:28 PDT. / See more info about some of Johannes’s flights indexed on Paraglide.net at http://paraglide.net/amigo/johannes_schweiger and XContest at https://www.xcontest.org/world/en/pilots/detail:JohannesAS

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