Flight 01 - IcarusX 7th July 2017
Low Ham, United Kingdom
a year ago
Flight 1 Take off from Pitney Airfield at 20:37, I headed NW, trimmers out to penetrate the head wind, adventure class must land at sunset, so it was not long before I'm scanning for suitable landing/camping spots. 10 miles in around 21:10, I landed in a field near Bridgwater and report back to HQ that I was safe. I then left the kit in the field and walked to the nearest house, knocked on the door and tried to make them feel sorry for me and offer me shelter. Instead they said it was OK for me to camp in their field. However they were nice enough to supply me with 1 litre of water, fruit, crisps and biscuits. With the fading light I rushed back to my kit and prepared camp, this consisted of a large tarp strapped over my paramotor and anchored with paracord and tent pegs. I didn’t have a sleeping bag or ground mat so I decided to rip up as much long grass as I could from the edge of the field and proceeded to lay it under my shelter for a bit of comfort, at least i had flying suit. I thought I was set for the night, however every time I closed my eyes I heard strange munching noises and started clapping my hands to scare what ever it was off. After about an hour of this I realised the munching noises were actually long weeds waving in the increasing wind scraping against the tarp! Its now about 2 am and I start to feel cold, so I spend another few hours awake trying to stay warm. Shortly after 4 am I decided I’m not going to get any sleep and began packing up ready for the next leg.
Flight 01 - IcarusX 7th July 2017