PPGFlight245 - Challow to Padworth
Padworth, United Kingdom
a year ago
Sunday 2nd July - Flight from Padworth to Challow Paramotor Club. I took off at 19:50 and headed towards Challow 20miles away, I knew I would be tight on Fuel, so I phoned the club and requested some extra fuel which was granted, otherwise I would have had to fly back. I had a head wind, so progress was slow, the wind picked up the last 6 miles which slowed my progress more. I arrived at Challow at 21:03 (1hr 13mins), the guys gave me a burger and coffee and then refuelled my motor while I set up my wing for flight back. I knew this was cutting it fine as I have to fly back to my field and on the ground by 21:50. I managed to get airborne again at 21:13 and actually landed at exactly 21:50 with no time to spare as this was the legal limit! Tail wind was in my favour though and I had enough fuel to put my trimmers right out. That was an adventure, however I won't be cutting it that close again!
PPGFlight245 - Challow to Padworth