Fly over Broad Peak
Laskam, Pakistan
5 years ago
Fly with paraglide from Jula to summit of Broad Peak(8 051m). 23 july 2016 Maximum altitude 8 157m Antoine girard
Johannes Schuller
4 years ago
Wonderfull to watch!
Darren Hepple
5 years ago
Wow, what an amazing adventure
Phil Mackie
5 years ago
Fantastic flight thank you for sharing.
Gilles Mancon (azbloc)
5 years ago
Superbe vol bien couillus!! Bravo c'est magnifique!!
arnaud xcguide
4 years ago
Amazing! Bravo Antoine!
Edge Rider
5 years ago
incroyable! balls of steel out of this world!
Dave Snowden
5 years ago
Magnificent indeed.. acheiving the unacheivable, This is surely the flight of the centuary.. 8000m is more than just a number.. its stratospheric ... to have climbed up then flown up Broad Peak it the ultimate in mountain... We salute you Antoine and all your pioneering flights of true excellence.....
Juan Sebastián Alvarez
5 years ago
The Flight of a Life!!! INCREDIBLE... only one Question. We Fight in Chile, and we have problems with low tempreture at high altitudes. HOW DID YOU SOLVE THE HANDS Cold?
Harald van Soest
3 years ago
What a flight, congrats! Respect! Really great to watch
Serge Renier
2 years ago
Merci Antoine de nous avoir transmis tes émotions avec ton livre et pour ce complément en images, et bravo pour avoir réussi à réaliser tes rêves !
Fly over Broad Peak

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