Monte Padrio to near Monte Peller
Galleno, Italy
2 years ago
It took an age for the cloud to lift from the hill - the perils of camping on a hill with a perfect SE’ly slope that let me thermal up 250m the moment I took off. Then followed a lovely 66km flight, but at the end of the valley it got a bit lore complicated - the aspect of the hills relative to the sun wasn’t ideal, so I went for a top landing and hiked a couple of hours to this spot. Met this very nice Italian/Dutch couple and their kids who were hiking up to a bivouac spot for the night. So I’m at 2000m and have horses (and flies) for company - fortunately they don’t seem to be the biting variety... (the flies that is, of course horses bite 😂) Vegetable hotpot tonight, washed down with a fine water... what would I give for a beer and a glass of wine...! Tomorrow night! Tracklog here -
Monte Padrio to near Monte Peller

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