Monte Peller to Monte Terlago
Magras, Italy
2 years ago
So... a very difficult and technical day... BUT what an amazing flight 4hrs41 to go 27km from take off (43 free distance). Strong inversion meant for very weak climbs, but it was 27kms in the right direction... simply amazing views - I’m looking forward to this video! Landed in a windy field on a plateau - was given water and biscuits by the family whose house I landed by, then a PG pilot on a motorbike stopped and gave me a ride to the nearest bigger village with more frequent buses. What a star! Thanks Matteo 👍🏻 What’s more there was a bar opposite the bus stop so managed to grab a swift one (first for four days 😱) Tracklog here -
Monte Peller to Monte Terlago

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