Levico Terme to Primalona
Vetriolo, Italy
2 years ago
Gumball Trans-Alps! Routes St André to Chamonix? Chamonix to Dolomites (or beyond)? Dates July or August Format Solo or teams Supported or unsupported Not a race as such Hitching and chairlifts allowed Unofficial fun prizes - furthest flown, furthest walked, best hitch etc, worst camping spot, best camping spot Misc www.rega.ch - helicopter recovery in Switzerland Volbiv rally questions Initial expression of interest… Your name Email address What glider will you be using for the trip? Approx hours flown Mountain hours flown Mountain flying experience? Longest mountain XC distance? Vol biv experience? Do you have a preferred route or are you happy to go with the flow? Why does a rally style event appeal? What are you hoping to get out of it? What would you want or expect (if anything) from the organisers? Would you want a party at the end? It’s likely to be in July or August - when do you need to know firm dates by to book your holiday? Are you likely to have a non-flying partner in a support vehicle? Safety Sign to fly Buddy Bio Test inReach messages Test inReach mapshare to https://xcrt.aero Gumball FB page Well, that’s me done, two days of low base, plus lots of hiking have left me feeling pretty exhausted. Today started with a three hour hike up to take off at 1500m - it was very stable and two pilots took off at 1130 ish and went down. I chilled (not exactly - there was no shade at t/o) and took off at 1300 after I’d see a cumie on the ridge behind, plus some eagles climbing out. I flew over to where they climbed out from but nada, and after losing 400m I cut my losses and headed east along the ridge. The lowest I got was 900m (500m AGL) and afternoon an hour of flying I was finally back to take off height! But I’d worked my way to the eastern end of the low ridge and the only way to get onto the back ridge was to head back towards t/o... so finally after 1.5 hrs I was back where I should have been at the start - agghhh! Anyway, I was finally up at 2,300m and able to make progress, but with base decreasing the further east I went I was running out of options - there are some massive limestone gorges that you can only cross if you’re high, and with base at 1600m at this point it wasn’t going to happen. I chose to push along some limestone cliffs on a completely different route (see 90° turn on tracklog) but after a couple of decent sized collapses I said enough’s enough and landed in the narrow valley with a reasonable amount of forward speed when not on bar. I packed up and after a quick dip I walked a couple of miles to Primolano where I arrived 15 mins before the Bassano bus left... time for a quick beer at the bar opposite... and on the bus I made my decision - book the flight home on Thursday. I’d flown way further than I’d expected, I’d flown decent distances every day , and only has two rest days, and I’m knackered and missing Lisa and home... (and not sweating 24/7 in this heat, and not being bitten by all sorts of flies!!) So there it is... I’m staying tonight with Roberto Pivi, a friend of a friend, and have a taxi booked at 0615 tomorrow to get me to the station for the 0645 train to Venice.. what an adventure!!! Today’s tracklog here - https://www.xcontest.org/world/en/flights/detail:timpent/29.07.2020/11:00
Levico Terme to Primalona

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