Poison Spring to The Big Ridge - Garfield CO Utah
Three Forks, United States
a year ago
The Poison Spring OHV trail will take you on a remote desert drive crossing the Dirty Devil and riding among buttes and canyons that are hard to describe with words or pictures. We hope this will give you a good preview of a good ride for experienced riders and we would strongly suggest taking some friends along and letting your friends who stay home know where it is you are going. Walking out of this area really isn't an option and it is remote. Butch Cassidy is said to have hid out here among the remote canyons and red rocks in addition to the indigenous people who made these canyons their homes. Please respect the trails and any artifacts you may come across. Please also note the trail follows the Fiddler Butte Wilderness Study Area boundary just before you cross the Dirty Devil (That boundary also happens to run along the bench of the trail with a steep drop off so staying on the road is highly encouraged). Basing out of Hanksville (17 miles from the trailhead) allows for close access to the trailhead to get an early start on the trail without a lot of additional travel. We spent 6 hours riding the trail for 70 miles at approx. 10 mph. You will want to plan on a long day out to allow for plenty of time for getting back. We rode the trail as an out and back but there are trails in the area that will take you all the way back to highway 95 at Hite near Lake Powell (You will need a street-legal machine to ride within the boundaries of the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area. You can shorten the trip by turning around at the Dirty Devil or the Dirty Devil may turn you around which still makes for 5 hours of riding.
Poison Spring to The Big Ridge - Garfield CO Utah

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