Wolverine Moody Loop
Boulder Town, United States
a year ago
The Wolverine Moody Loop is a loop style beginner level trail with an optional out and back section along the Moody Creek Road. The whole trip is 77 miles long and will be an all day event lasting between 5-6 hours. The trailhead is located about 19 miles east of the town of Boulder. Staging can be done on wide pull outs just off the paved road. The trail features scrubby red desert and beautiful red rock ledges and canyons. Most of the terrain is a well maintained dirt road, but there may be sandy washes to traverse at certain points. This is a very remote area that you can get to easily thanks to the quality of the roads. One of the unique qualities of this trail is the amount of petrified wood and petrified forests that exist along the loop. You can read about one of the many locations here: https://geology.utah.gov/map-pub/survey-notes/geosights/wolverine-petrified-forest/ The closest town is Boulder, which has some lodging and restaurants, but for more ameneties and supplies You can visit Escalante to the west, Torrey to the north, or Ticaboo to the east. Safety wise - this area of the state gets very hot, so make sure you bring more water than you need, and pay attention to the weather to avoid flash floods.
Wolverine Moody Loop

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