Tamarack Ridge Snowshoe December 11, 2019
Camp Sierra, United States
10 months ago
We drove up Hwy 168 to Shaver Lake and usually stop by Shaver Lake Sports to pick up a Day Permit for $5 which is required November 1 through May 30 for each vehicle parked at a SNO Park site. You can also purchase a Season Permit for $25 and we already had our Season Permit so didn’t need to stop this trip. There are several areas where you can purchase your permit and the SNO-Park link at the bottom gives you that list. In the past, you could also pick up a free map that is perfect for this area, but I hear that they don’t have this map anymore. It is called the High Sierra Ranger District Winter Recreation Guide and has the trails, along with additional information such as trail etiquette, winter travel safety and the type of equipment that you should bring to be prepared for winter recreation in this area. Some of the trails are only for cross country skiing and some are snowmobile trails. There are also areas just for snow play. Also note that there is a fine of $94.50 for parking in the SNO Park areas without a permit displayed. The money collected for the SNO-PLAY areas pays for plowing of the SNO-PLAY parking areas and sanitation facilities. We continued up the road to the Tamarack Ridge SNO-PARK on the right side of the road
Tamarack Ridge Snowshoe December 11, 2019

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