Hike to Nelder Grove's Old Granddad Tree
Sugar Pine, United States
a year ago
Hiking from the locked gate past the Interpretative Center Giant Sequoia known as the Old Granddad Tree. About The Grove The grove consists of approximately 1,540 acres in the Sierra National Forest. Currently there are about 100 mature sequoias mixed in a forest of pine, fir and cedar. Nelder Grove was first named Fresno Grove of Big Trees because it was in Fresno County. The Grove was first surveyed in 1874 by the General Land Office. It was not until 1937 that the name Nelder Grove appeared on Sierra National Forest maps. The creek that flows through the campground is now called California Creek, but it was originally called Nelder Creek. The creek that flows through the Shadow of the Giants trail, is now called Nelder Creek, but it was originally called Alder Creek. Nelder Grove is a natural habitat for wildlife: black bear, mule deer, weasel, raccoon, gray squirrels, ground squirrels and flying squirrels to name a few. Bird life also favor the area: tanagers, juncos, sparrows, hawks and at least three different species of woodpeckers. The spotted owl is rarely “spotted,” but can be heard. Two historical cabins have been moved to Nelder Grove from Biledo Meadow. Lady bugs and monarch butterflies migrate through Nelder Grove. The giant sequoias in the grove grow in four separate groups: California Creek (18) Nelder Ridge (14) Nelder Basin (53) Sierra Beauty (16) Numbers in parentheses signify how many mature sequoias are in each group. Nelder Grove Historical Area is designated as a special interest area The U.S. Forest Service acquired the land from the Madera Flume and Trading Company in 1928.
Hike to Nelder Grove's Old Granddad Tree

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