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We take the data from your outdoor adventures and turn it into a next generation media experience

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The Future of Media is

Ayvri is a spatial media platform which provides the best online viewing experience for outdoor sports, wildlife tracking, drone planning/reporting and more. Anyone with a gps track can upload their geodata to ayvri and in seconds this data is converted into a watchable and enjoyable media experience. Ayvri’s scenes can be viewed in any modern web-browser or embedded into mobile apps.

The team

Pete Field

Founder & CEO

Pete Field founded ayvri from technology spun out from Data61/CSIRO. He has a background in software development, PR & marketing and product/project management. In 2008 Pete built theworld’s largest concert search engine. A skier and mountain biker from Whistler, Canada, Pete has ridden the toughest mountain bike races on his singlespeed bike, he’s competed in Ironman Canada, the Rottnest Swim, Melbourne Marathon and much more.

Briely Marum

Senior Software Engineer

Briely Marum was the first software engineer to join ayvri after leaving Data61. There is nothing Briely can’t do with code. He has a background in object recognition, 3d mapping and machine learning. He was a member of NICTA’s Computer Vision Team and Technical Lead in Data61's Tele-health project. Briely hikes, mountain bikes, rides motorcycles and knows how to survive in the Australian wilderness.

Mike Lester

Senior Software Engineer

Mike Lester was the Lead Engineer at That Game Company, creator of the critically acclaimed game Journey. He is a graphics wiz and has worked at EA Sports, as well as Xbox. You can see Mike presenting “Sky” at Apple’s iPhoneX launch event.Mike’s capabilities in graphics rendering brings the “wow” factor to ayvri’s player. Mike is a climber and competitive paraglider. He is the current US National Paragliding Champion (B Wing) with his eyes on the Paragliding World Cup.


Chris Cooper

3D Graphics & Visualization

Chris Cooper is the original creator of Doarama, the precursor to Ayvri. His experience in 3d graphics, computer animation and special effects earned Chris the Academy Award for contributions to computer generated visual effects and compositing technologies. His manyvisual effects credits include The Matrix Reloaded, Moulin Rouge, and World Trade Center. The initial inspiration for Doarama was a result of Chris' desire to visualize and share his cycling and rally car racing adventures. Chris leads the Visualization Team at Sydney start-up Propeller Aero and is the named inventor onAyvri's patented visualization technology.



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